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Magic Spice

We like to call it our Magic Spice but admittedly cannot full credit. Like so many other recipes we all have, it's based in part on the work of others. In this case it's based mostly on TV's chef Emeril and his 'Essence Creole Seasoning'. We tweaked it just a tad to our liking  but either version is amazing. If you make a batch of this, you'll find yourself using it on all sorts of recipes; as a rub for shrimp and other seafood, a rub for chicken or red meat, in our Pickled Egg recipe, and on and on and on..!

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: none

2   Tablespoons   Sweet Paprika

2   Tablespoons   Hot Paprika

2   Tablespoons   Salt

2   Tablespoons   Garlic Powder

1   Tablespoon     Black Pepper

1   Tablespoon     Onion Powder

1   Tablespoon     Cayenne Pepper

1   Tablespoon     Dried Oregano

1   Tablespoon     Dried Thyme

Just mix all ingredients into a container [we use a small 6 oz. glass Mason jar] and shake thoroughly. Adjust “heat index” as desired by varying the Cayenne level

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